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Call Number: MS Ferguson 208
Images: [ MS Ferguson 208 fol. 73r ]
Date of Creation: Between 1597 and 1602
Level of Description: Item
Part of MS Ferguson
Content: Coronatio Naturae. c.1600.
72 pen and watercolour illustrations with Latin titles. The drawings are numbered [2], 67, [3], with several misbound.
f iii Scientia haec potius divina quam humana est, quod in hac reluceant Christianae fidei Misteria. Si verae consideremus substantiam, facile similitudinem quandam sanctissimae trinitatis perspiciemus (si ita loqui licet) neque enim res creatas Creatoris comparare fas est. In hac, Imago quaedam deprehenditur incarnationis salvatoris n[ost]ri, mortis, et resurrectionis, ad caelosque Ascensionis euis.
[Coloured diagram of a furnace on folded sheet of paper is inserted between f iii and f1.]
f1 [Banner at top]: 'Prudentia non fortuna.'
[Circular figure with some text in middle.]
f2 [Banner at top]: 'Astrologia terrestris.'
[Figure of sun surrounded by six other planets and signs of zodiac.]
[Banner below]: 'Sphaera.'
f3 [Banner at top]: 'Angelorum Opus Auctore Hermete Philosophorum peritessimo.'
[First figure of the Crowning of Nature series.]
f3-71 [67 figures of Crowning of Nature series some in wrong order, though correctly numbered.]
f71 [Figure of flask in furnace entitled in banner 'Athanor'.]
[At bottom]: 'Qui Omnia possidet nulla re Deinceps complementum opus habet.'
f72 [Figure of scholar seated with book and surrounded by banners with 'Quies', 'Prudentia', 'Scientia', 'Opes', 'Honores', 'Pietas', 'Liberalitas', 'Sanitas', and 'Omnia dii laboribus vendunt'.]
f73 [King seated on throne holding out orb and sceptre. From his heart six red beams emanate and shine on to six courtiers cloathed only in a cloak showing the symbol of a planet. At the bottom a substance burns in a crucible and smoke arises. This picture is entitled in a banner 'Projectio'.]
[On f77v]: 'Recapitulatio totius magisterii per Raymundum Lullium.'
[13 lines, in Latin, stated to have been taken from a French manuscript, with the date 1603.]
For other copies see MSS Ferguson 8, 155, 245, 253. On fol. 77 verso: Ramón Lull Recapitulatio totius magisterii 13 lines, in Latin, stated to have been taken from a French manuscript, with the date 1603.
Physical Description: iii, 77 leaves; 72 pen and watercolour drawings. 20.5x16 cm. Bound in green vellum covers.
Access: Normal conditions
Language: Latin
Material Type: Document
Bibliography: Kunst und Alchemie: das Geheimnis der Verwandlung, Museum Kunstpalast, herausgegeben von Sven Dupré, Dedo von Kerssenbrock-Krosigk und Beat Wismer (München, 20140; Jacques van Lennep, Alchimie: contribution à l'histoire de l'art alchimique (Brussels, 1984), pl. 235.
Exhibitions: This manuscript has been exhibited on the following occasions: 'Alchimie', Passage 44, Brussels, Dec. 1984-Mar. 1985; Art and Alchemy, Museum Kunstpalast, Dusseldorf, 5 Apr.-10 Aug. 2014.
Accession Number: 353
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Repository Code: GB 0247

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exhibition: Alchimie 1984-1985
Exhibition, sponsored by Crédit Communal de Belgique, held at Passage 44, Boulevard du Jardin Botanique 44, Brussels, 19 December 1984-10 March 1985.
exhibition: Art and Alchemy
Exhibition, Museum Kunstpalast, Dusseldorf, 5 April-10 August 2014.
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