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Call Number: MS Gen 1090/28
Title: Smodal de Ruinn 's de Rolaisdean
Date of Creation: Between 1896 and 1897
Place of Creation: Eriskay, Scotland
Level of Description: Item
Part of MS Gen 1090
Content: Miscellanea V. Smodal de Ruinn's de R˛laisdean. Bound notebook containing tales, folk-tales, poems, rhymes, notes and waulking songs, in Gaelic and English. Ff. i-148 are paged and written by Father Allan McDonald, whose signature appears on fol.i. Eriskay, 1896-1897.
Arrangement: List Item Content
Physical Description: Notebook. i, 297p. 25x20 cms. Bound in black 'water-silk' patterned boards with a scarlet spine. Written in Gaelic and English in blue-black and black ink on lined notebook paper.
Access: Normal conditions
Language: Gaelic
Material Type: Notebook
Notes: On fol. 1b there is written by Father Allan 'A.M.D.G.' probably for 'ad maiorem Dei gloriam'. The other hand may be that of George Henderson. However, Ada Goodrich Freer had access to this notebook and to MS Gen. 1090/29; for her activities see John L Campbell and Trevor H. Hall, Strange things (London, 1968).
A list of contents, written partly by Father Allan and partly by another hand, is given on p.291.
Bibliography: John Mackechnie, Catalogue of Gaelic manuscripts in selected libraries in Great Britain and Ireland (Boston, 1973), vol. 1, p.381.
Accession Number: 2066
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Repository Code: GB 0247

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author: Allan McDonald 1859-1905
Priest, Catholic Church, Eriskay.
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