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Call Number: MS Gen 1643/294
Date of Creation: 1952
Place of Creation: Chicago, United States
Level of Description: Item
Part of MS Gen 1517
Content: Carbon copy of review article by Frank H. Knight of The theory of economic policy, by Lionel Robbins, November 1952. According to Knight's letter to Macfie see MS Gen 1643/293, Knight had no plans to publish this review
Physical Description: 53 pages, 28x21.5cm
Access: Normal conditions
Language: English
Material Type: Letter
Accession Number: 4655
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Repository Code: GB 0247

Names associated with this item:

author: Frank H. Knight fl.1955
subject: Lionel Robbins Baron Robbins 1898-1984
Professor of Economics, London School of Economics, 1929-1961. Director of economic section of War Cabinet Secretariat, 1941-45; helped negotiate Anglo-American loan agreement 1945.
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