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Call Number: MS Hunter 472 (V.6.22)
Title: Primer`
Images: [ MS Hunter 472 fol. 622v ] [ MS Hunter 472 fol. 622v detail ]
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Date of Creation: Between 1349 and 1399
Place of Creation: England
Level of Description: Item
Part of MS Hunter 1-658
Content: Primer:
Begins (1, 2 recto [f. '1'] lines 1-11): [unkeyable character] [rubricated] a . a . b . c . d . e . f . g . h . i . k . l . | m . n . o . p . q . r . f . s . t . u . v . | x . y . z . & [unkeyable character] est amen: Pater noster . [last two words rubric] | F [blue initial with red ornament and gestures] ader oure [th]at art in heuenes hal | wed be [th]i name . [th]i kingdom com | to the . [th]i wille be do in erthe as in he | uene . oure echedaies breed [unkeyable character]ife us today and | for[unkeyable character]eue us oure dettes . as we for[unkeyable character]eue | to oure dettoures . and lede us no[unkeyable character]t in to | temptacioun . bot deliuere us from Iuel. | H [rubricated initial] eil marie . ful of grace paragraph mark [rubricated] Amen: aue [last word rubricated]
Ends (12, 2 [f. '87'] line 22): to heuen and wite ho [a small w written under the line] went amys:
Remarks: On i, 1 recto in a late XVII. Cent. hand (?Samuel Woodforde's): price: 3s. 10d.
On ii, 1 recto in a late XVII. Cent. hand: Sam: Woodforde | [unkeyable character] XVI.
This name recurs on 1, 2 recto thus: Sam: Woodeford. | 1682.
For Samuel Woodford (1636-1700), poet and divine, see Dict. Nat. Biog. lxii. 396.
On ii, 1 verso in a XVI. Cent. hand: John morys is Boke of Blakewater. John morys has thys Boke of B Blakewater | John morys has this Boke of blakewater | Thys boke ys gud and profytte | byl for a man [th]at can not | vnderstond latyn or for one thayt
Numerous erasures occur on this page.
ii, 2 recto-3 verso contain prayers to B.V.M. prefaced by a legend of a vision of her to S. John, Evangelist, and concluding with a prayer to Christ, beginning (ii, 2 recto lines 1-8): I fynde and rede by holy memorys wrytyng [th]at aftir owre Ladyes | assumpcyon seynt John evangelist gretely desyryd to | see [th]at blesfull Lady. And aftir his desyre in spiryt | he was rawesshed and sawe [th]at Joyfull sythe beyng | in [th]at avysyon he sawe and herde how she spakke in maner | of a complente schewyng by herre wordys fyve | pryncypall sorewys wheche sorest troblyd herre | hert whylest she was on erthe, paragraph mark The fryste | and ending (ii, 3 verso line 26): thy precyus blode Amen:
These prayers are in a nearly contemporary hand.
In the Kalendar opposite 21st May is the following, apparently, contemporary note: here was [th]e erthequake [th]e | [unkeyable character]er of oure lord. ml. iijc. ij. (1382).
Similarly, opposite July 15th: [th]e [unkeyable character]ere of god 1377. | King Richard was crowned.
On 12, 2 verso, 3 verso and 4 recto the name John morris recurs.
On 12, 3 verso the names Thomas sparow and Edward Mann occur; the former repeated on 12, 4 recto, on which is also the name George ffererz, all in XVI. Cent. hands.
Perhaps the last name may be that of George Ferrers (1500?-1579), poet and politician, for whom see Dict. Nat. Biog. xviii. 383.
[Formerly Q.7.16; Q.7.129].
Primer dated c.1382 by B. Wolpe.
Elements of faith ff. 1-5; kalendar and primer ff. 6-71v; expositions of other points of faith, ff. 71v-87r: per A.I. Doyle, Durham University Library, June 1954.
Physical Description: Bound volume.
Vellum, 7 x 5, ff. 90, originally ff. 92, well written in single cols. of 22 lines, each 5 x 3, signatures (traces only), catchwords, foliation (modern), margined and ruled with ink, illuminated initials (red and blue) with gestures, blue initials with red ornament and gestures, small red and blue initials and paragraph marks, rubrics, initials touched with vermilion, vellum defective in places, few marginalia, table and Kalendar written in black and red, worn, cropped, fol. sec. [unkeyable character] a . a . b . c. Late Cent. XIV.
Binding: Millboards (replacing original oak boards), covered calf, gilt-tooled edges and panelled back, blind-tooled sides, red edges. Late Cent. XVII.
[For detailed collation see: John Young and P. Henderson Aitken, A Catalogue of the Manuscripts in the Library of The Hunterian Museum in The University of Glasgow. (Glasgow, 1908), p. 393.]
Access: Normal conditions
Language: English
Material Type: Document
Bibliography: Martha Dana Rust, Imaginary Worlds in Medieval Books, Exploring the Manuscript Matrix (Palgrave Macmillan, 2007) pp 41-42 including reproduction of fol 1r; Julie Gardham, The world of Chaucer: medieval books and manuscripts (Glasgow, 2004), p. 48; Nicholas Orme, Medieval children (New Haven, 2001), pp 248-249 - including reproduction of fol. 1r; Berthold Wolpe, 'Florilegium alphabeticum: alphabets in medieval manuscripts' in A.S. Osley (ed.), Calligraphy and palaeography: essays presented to Alfred Fairbank (London, 1965), pp. 69-74; John Young & P.H. Aitken, A catalogue of the manuscripts in the Library of the Hunterian Museum in the University of Glasgow (Glasgow, 1908), pp 392-393.
Exhibitions: This manuscript has been exhibited on the following occasion: 'The World of Chaucer', Hunterian Museum, Glasgow, May-Aug. 2004.
Accession Number: 2482
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Repository Code: GB 0247

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exhibition: World of Chaucer
Exhibition: The World of Chaucer: Medieval Books and Manuscripts from Glasgow University Library, held at the Hunterian Museum, Glasgow, 15 May-28 August 2004.
provenance: John Morris fl 1500-1599
provenance: Samuel Woodford 1636-1700
Canon of Chichester.
signatory: George Ferrers 1500?-1579
signatory: Edward Mann fl 1500-1599
signatory: Thomas Sparrow fl 1500-1599
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