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Call Number: MS Hunter 303 (U.6.21)
Title: Woemen [De sanitate, foecunditate et morbis mulierum (English: Three books dealing with the infirmities and illnesses of women]
Date of Creation: Between 1629 and 1640
Level of Description: Item
Part of MS Hunter 1-658
Extent and Medium: 1 volume (c 498 leaves)
Content: A gynaecological handbook.
An English translation by an anonymous author 'W.H. Gent.' of: De sanitate, foecunditate et morbis mulierum (first published Paris, 1582) and translated that same year into French as 'Trois livres de la sante, fecondite, et maladies des femmes'. A later edition appears as 'Les maladies des femmes & remedes d'ycelles' (Paris, 1609 - attributing the work to Giovanni Marinelli, who wrote a similar work entitled 'Le medicine partenenti alle infermita delle donne' (Venice, 1563)).

Blank leaf (endleaf [i]) [four original prior endleaves are now missing].
Title-page (endleaf [ii]): Gods | second maister-peece. | The weoman. | Described with all those pecvliar | diseases of weomen not common | with the man. | Devided in III bookes, w[ith] all the descriptions, | causes, signes, symptomes and remedies of | all those diseases. | Ferst written in Latine by that learned & famous | phisitian of Paris Mr Iohn Libavivs [crossed out: since | translated into French] | And now newly translated out of [crossed out : French; over written: Latine] into English | for the use & benifite of all weomen |by W. H. Gent.
Verso blank.
[Four endleaves: now missing].
Preface (pp. [i-v]) begins (p. [i] lines 1-3):- The [crossed out: French] translator to the | reader.| Although the body of man be put together with won= ; preface ends (p. [ix], lines 10-13): nesse and diseases of women: hoping withall shortly to see | three of the same authors bookes, of the adorning and beau= | tifying of the body of man and woman. | God be with thee. /.
Verso (p. [vi]): blank.
Table of contents (pp. [vii-xiv]) begins (p. [vii], lines 1-3): A table of the chapters of the | three bookes of the health |fruitfulnesse and diseases of | Women.
Ends (p. [xiv], line 32): The ordering and intertaining of the new borne child ch 51 p. 948
[Leaf missing (pp. [xv-xvi])].
Text (pp. 1- 958) begins (p. 1, lines 1-10): The first booke of | the diseases of wo= |men, and the re= | medies there= | of. | That the woman is not a lame, nor | vnperfect creature, but a weake | and sicklie one. | Chap. I. | Galen in the fourtenth booke of the use of parts.
Ends (p. 958, lines 25-28): then to speake of the health, the fruitfulnesse and the diseases of | women. | The end of the third and last booke of the diseases | of women.
Two detached blank endpapers.
Commentary: Conjectured dating of this manuscript c 1630-1640 is based on analysis of watermark evidence by Soluna Salles Bernal, University of Malaga, 2016 [see unpublished report].
Physical Description: Bound volume: [ii] endleaves, xiv, 958, [ii] detached endleaves. [i.e. at 2017 = 489 leaves, including endleaves and taking misnumbering into account; according to Young and Aitken's collation, the original leaf count including endleaves and taking misnumbering into account = 498].
According to Young and Aitken's collation (1908), there were originally ten front end leaves - the third was almost all torn off and the fourth was lost, the seventh and eighth were unattached (?) and the ninth and tenth attached; at 2017, the first and last four are all lost. According to Young and Aitken, the last two leaves of the final quire were lost so the two blank detached endleaves now placed at the back of the volume are possibly two of the missing eight endleaves. In the main body of text, a leaf at the end of the preface is lost (pp. xv-xvi]).
[For detailed collation see: John Young and P. Henderson Aitken, A Catalogue of the Manuscripts in the Library of The Hunterian Museum in The University of Glasgow. (Glasgow, 1908), p. 243.]
Manuscript on paper, leaf size:20.7 cm x 15.8 cm x , beautifully written in a 17th century hand with a fine pen without ligatures (like print), in single columns of about 28 lines, catchwords (every page), no signatures, contemporary pagination (from second quire) 1-958 with misnumbering lacking pp. 576-577 (NB. there is no indication of a page missing here), running titles, margined red, not ruled, few marginalia, rough edges.
Binding: 21.7 cm x 16.1 cm, original 17th century, limp vellum with yapp edges, vellum back straps, title at head of spine (ink): Weomen.
Access: Normal conditions
Language: English
Material Type: Treatise
Archival History: The author/ translator of this English version ('W.H.') has yet to be indentified.
Earlier provenance history for this volume, prior to its ownership by William Hunter in the 18th century, has not been traced.
Notes: Former Hunterian Museum shelfmarks: S.6.1; S.5.74
Endleaf [i]: in an 18th century hand: Mr. Wm. (?) H… [the rest is torn off. Possibly "Hunter"?].
Endleaf [ii]: the title page, supplied by a hand that has retouched the preface, given it a running title, and supplied some of the (early) marginalia):; the words "since translated into French" have been obliterated, and the word "French" in the following line altered into "LATINE."
These alterations also appear in the Preface (p. [iv]), where the corrections 'English' and Latine' are pasted over the original.
Conservation: No conservation treatment undertaken at 2017. Binding is currently totally detached from text block; mid section of spine is detached and loose; lower section of spine is missing. Shelved in phase box.
Bibliography: Soluna Salles Bernal, A companion to the English version of J.Liébault's Treatise on the diseases of women : MS Hunter 303 (Newcastle Upon Tyne: Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2017).

Soluna Salles Bernal: Analysis of MS Hunter 303 watermarks [unpublished report carried out during a research visit funded by the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness and the University of Malaga, 2016 - copy shelved with manuscript]

John Young & P.H. Aitken, A catalogue of the manuscripts in the Library of the Hunterian Museum in the University of Glasgow (Glasgow, 1908), pp 243-244.
Accession Number: 2482
See details of how this material was acquired
Finding Aids: For a copy of Giovanni Marinelli's 1563 work (Le medicine partenenti alle infermita delle donne) from which the original Latin is said to be derived, see Sp Coll Hunterian Ab.8.21.
Cataloguing Note: Formerly catalogued under the heading: Trois Livres Appartenant aux Infirmitez et Maladies des Femmes.
Catalogue record revised by Julie Gardham (February 2017).
Repository Code: GB 0247

Names associated with this item:

author: Jean Liébault fl 1535-1596
French doctor and agronomist.
translator: W H fl 1630
Anonymous author and translator. Known only by his initials and description as 'Gent.' in MS Hunter 303.
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