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Call Number: MS Hunter 230 (U.3.3)
Title: Chronicles of England, (Brut)
Date of Creation: Between 1399 and 1499
Place of Creation: England
Level of Description: Item
Part of MS Hunter 1-658
Content: Chronicles of England, (Brut).
Begins (1, 2 recto line 1): his letteris patent vnto these xxxiijti [three and thirti] Kingis [th]at they
Ends (31, 7 recto lines 21-3): in the Castell till [th]e Cite were sette inne | good rule and gouernaunce | paragraph mark [blue] Deo gracias [rubric] = Caxton, p. 318, last line (end of ch. 244).
Remarks: On iii, 1. is written in a late XVII. Cent. hand, the text of the missing first folio beginning thus (iii, 1 recto lines 1-8): Historia BritanniŠ et AngliŠ ad Annum | Henrici Quinti | The beginning hereof be torn of, the | same is here supplyed from another | Copy of this Manuscript. | Here may a man here how Engelonde was first called | Albyon And afterwards whan it hadde first the name | In the noble londe of Surye there whas a noble Kyng and also myghty and of and ending (iii, 1 verso line 24): both night and day how he might amende her deeds and sent his
The following names, in XVI.-XVII. Cent. hands, occur through this vol.:
14, 6 verso. W. Winchester [William of Wykeham?].
14, 7 recto. Hugo Clark; also 31, 6 verso.
15, 2 verso. Edward Clark; also 31, 6 verso. (For a possible identification, see Dict. Nat. Biog. x. 420.)
15, 5 verso. Thomas Lyth. (This may be Th. Lyte, genealogist, 1568-1638. See Dict. Nat. Biog. xxxiv. 366.)
15, 5 verso. William Mildmay.
31, 6 verso. I am true In drede deus mes | erere mey J. Zowche.
31, 7 recto. Jhesu mercy J. Zowche.
Be milde and jentill | And haue all at thy Wyll | J. Zowche.
iv, 1 recto. A. Wyllughby.
('Jhesu mercy quod Zowche'; also 'quod Wyllughby', not J. and A. respectively: these early 16th century ? - per A.I. Doyle, Durham University Library, letter of 18 June 1954.
31, 7 verso contains, in a XV. Cent. hand, nine lines of limping verse, beginning: "O penfull harte that lyes in travvail" and ending: "And to pardon me off my kynd wrytyng | ffor with wofull harte was myn endytyng". (Brown/Robbins, Index of Middle English verse, no. 2536, refers to 9 lines, but line 3 is beginning of Index no. 2318, listed as being on fol '7a': it is on fol 246 verso. Entry for 2536 deleted in Supplement; relevant entry is 2318.
21 lines of a prayer (or charm) follow, beginning: "Signum sancte crucis deffendat me a malis preteritis presentibus et futuris," and ending: "omni opere bono vt hic et in eternum saluari merear amen."
On iv, 1 recto in the same hand as the following signature: yt is folly to byend a legasy (?) yff. it be wyell soyghtt | whanne it is provyd that he haue Ryghtt noghtt | yt ys ffolly a manne a thyng to begynne | Wyche to perfform his wyttes be butt theynne | Bettyr it ys a lye be mad by Resoun | Thanne throgth be spoken owtt off seyssoun. A. Wyllughby.
On iv, 1 verso in another (contemporary) hand: O my hert quod compleynyng qwick is full hevy.
On iv, 2 recto in a similar hand: A weld best a man may meyke | A Womans answer is never for to seyke | quod Rychard Wylloughbe | A Lords purpose and a ladys thoughtt | in a yer scheuyth full offtt.
On iv, 2 verso in the same hand as on 31, 7 verso top: He that of wast takys no hede | He schall wante whenne he hasse nede | Cosen adderby is a gent Frank | halle [surname erased] you are a knave | Labur in youth qwylst helthe wyll last | So rest in age qwen strengh is past | Man on the molde haue this in mynde that thowe | Soyth here that salt thou fynd wemen ben laches | And chyldren on kynd servirs cum aftur and | Tak qwat they fynd | A man wythe owtt mercy mercy schall mys | He schall haue mercy that mercy full is.
fols 247 recto-248 verso Robbins/Cutler Supplement no. 1628.8, including Index nos. 77, 106.5, 1162.9, 2056, 2072.3.
[Formerly Q.2.5; Q.2.24].
Other copies: T.2.19, T.3.12, U.3.1 and V.5.13: Cf. also T.3.21.
Rebacked 19[?]. Title now on black and light brown shields
Physical Description: Bound volume
Access: Normal conditions
Language: English
Material Type: Chronicle
Bibliography: John Young & P.H. Aitken, A catalogue of the manuscripts in the Library of the Hunterian Museum in the University of Glasgow (Glasgow, 1908), pp 174-175.
Accession Number: 2482
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Repository Code: GB 0247

Names associated with this item:

provenance: Hugh Clark
provenance: Edward Clarke d. 1630
provenance: Thomas Lyte 1568?-1638
provenance: William Mildmay
provenance: A. Willughby
provenance: William Wykeham 1539-1595
Bishop of Winchester.
provenance: J. Zowche
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