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Call Number: MS Hunter 219 (U.2.10)
Images: [ MS Hunter 219 fol. 1r ]
Date of Creation: Between 1463 and 1464
Level of Description: Item
Part of MS Hunter 1-658
Content: Servii Honorati Grammatici, Expositio in Vergilivm.
Servii Honorati Grammatici, De Syllabis Mediis et Vltimis.
On 30, 9 recto in a XVII. Cent. hand: Antonio di pargino (?) da uettette (?) a pagato.
On 30, 10 verso (inverted) in red crayon in another XVII. Cent. hand: A Vuglim (?) Giuliano (?) per in ... | quo [?for questo] di 30 Marzo 1634 le offi...
On the first page, which has the same marginal ornamentation as is found in U.1.2 and V.5.11, and many other Italian MSS. in this collection, at the bottom, enclosed in a laurel wreath supported by amoretti is a shield, hexagonal (azure), charged fleur de lys (or), in chief a four pointed label of difference (gules) in base a crescent (gules).
[Formerly S.2.12; S.2.21].
Paper with watermarks (B. net #6654, #3370) from Rome and Florence, 1452-67. Some annotations in Greek. C. Grindley, 1995
Arrangement: List Item Content
Physical Description: Bound volume.
Paper, 13 x 9 1/8, ff. 304, well written in a Florentine hand, in single cols. of 37 lines, each 8 7/8 x 5 1/8, ruled and margined with bodkin, catchwords (vertical), signatures (cropped), no foliation, first page floreated, first initial historiated, illuminated (blue) initials, rubrics, quotations and paragraph marks in red, few marginalia, cropped, but otherwise well preserved, fol. sec. amabilis. Late Cent. XV. (29th May, 1464).
Binding: Millboards, covered vellum, two vellum slips strengthen the middle of each quire, blue edges, title (gilt): SERVIVS | COM: | MANVSCRIP: | IN UIRGILIVM Cent. XVII.
[For detailed collation see: John Young and P. Henderson Aitken, A Catalogue of the Manuscripts in the Library of The Hunterian Museum in The University of Glasgow. (Glasgow, 1908), p. 163.]
Access: Normal conditions
Language: Latin
Material Type: Document
Notes: This manuscript has been exhibited on the following occasions: 'The Glory of the Page', Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto, Oct. 1987-Jan. 1988, Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, Feb.-Apr. 1988, Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, Richmond, Jun.-Aug. 1988, Burrell Collection, Glasgow, Nov. 1988-Jan. 1989.
Bibliography: Nigel Thorp, The glory of the page (London, 1987), no. 83; John Young & P.H. Aitken, A catalogue of the manuscripts in the Library of the Hunterian Museum in the University of Glasgow (Glasgow, 1908), p. 163.
Accession Number: 2482
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Repository Code: GB 0247

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author: Servius fl 300-399
exhibition: Glory of the Page 1987-1989
Exhibition of medieval manuscripts from Glasgow University Library: Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto, Oct. 1987-Jan. 1988, Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, Feb.-Apr. …
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