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Call Number: MS Hunter 216 (U.2.7)
Date of Creation: Between 1699 and 1799
Level of Description: Item
Part of MS Hunter 1-658
Content: Antoine Ferrein, Abstract of Anatomical Lectures.
Samuel Sharp, F.R.S., Notes of Surgical Operations.
On 1, 2 verso is attached an engraved label, 7 1/8 x 5¼, headed: AU GRIFFON, on a ribbon twined round a scroll border which surrounds a griffon of the desert, rampant, dexter, holding a bundle of pencils in its right claw. Under this, on a tablet: AU GRIFFON, RUE DE BUSSY FAUBOURG ST. GERMAIN A | PARIS, ATTENANT LA RUE DU SEINE. | Cabaret, Marchand; Vend de très beau Papier- | batu, lavé, papier d'Holande de toutes grandeurs, coupé, | doré et verny de toutes grandeurs etc.
Antoine Ferrein (1693-1769) was appointed Professor of Anatomy at the Collège Royal, Paris, in 1742, and his methodical lectures attracted many students, foreign as well as French.
Samuel Sharp, F.R.S. (1700?-78), was surgeon at Guy's Hospital, London, 1732-57. See Dict. Nat. Biog. li. 414.
[Formerly P.1.13; T.1.12].
Abstracts. The abstracts and the notes are by William Hunter. Per Mrs Brock
Arrangement: List Item Content
Physical Description: Bound volume.
Paper, 13¼ x 8 5/8, ff. 96, written in single cols. of about 33 lines, each about 12 x 7 3/4, margins folded, not ruled, no signatures, catchwords, or pagination, anatomical diagrams, etc. Cent. XVIII.
Binding: Original, limp pasteboards, covered green basil, title (ink) on paper label: FERREIN. Cent. XVIII.
[For detailed collation see: John Young and P. Henderson Aitken, A Catalogue of the Manuscripts in the Library of The Hunterian Museum in The University of Glasgow. (Glasgow, 1908), p. 160.]
Access: Normal conditions
Language: English
Material Type: Document
Bibliography: John Young & P.H. Aitken, A catalogue of the manuscripts in the Library of the Hunterian Museum in the University of Glasgow (Glasgow, 1908), pp 160-161.
Accession Number: 2482
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Repository Code: GB 0247

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author: Antoine Ferrein 1693-1769
Professor of Anatomy, Collège Royal, Paris, 1742-1769.
author: Samuel Sharp 1700?-1778
Surgeon, Guy's Hospital, London, 1732-1757.
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