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Call Number: MS Hunter 215 (U.2.6)
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Date of Creation: Between 1299 and 1499
Place of Creation: London, England
Level of Description: Item
Part of MS Hunter 1-658
Content: Cartvlarivm Prioratvs Sanctae Trinitatis Infra Aldgate Londini.
Incerti Avctoris, Annalivm Anglicorvm Fragmentvm.
ii, 2 recto contains in an XVIII. Cent. hand: an "Extract of a letter from Dr. Thomas Tanner to | John Anstis Esqre Garter King at Arms - Dated Norwich February 1720," beginning: "I shall return you the Trinity Book in a week," and ending: "your Book is also I find the Liber S. Trinitatis quoted so often by Jo Stow."
ii, 2 verso has a quotation, in the same hand, headed: Rot. Pat. 8 Hen. 6 p. 3. M. 6.
ii, 3 recto begins (in the same hand): "Some Account of | The Register Book of the Priory of the Holy Trinity | or Christ Church within Aldgate London heretofore | belonging to the late John Anstis Esqr. now (1769) in the Library of" [here follows a name utterly defaced, possibly = Thos. Astle, Esqr.] | "This is a fine Folio MS. on Vellom containing | 205 folios. | From F. 1. to 7. The Foundation & other Charters, with a List of the Priors | from 1107 to 1420. (NB: These are all copied per extensum | and printed in Tom Hearnes Will. Neubrigensis Vol. 3. p. | 688 to P. 709)|. Next follows a account of the possessions etc. of this Priory | in the following parishes London. viz."
ii, 5 recto line 18 = "201. b to 205. b Charters &c. relating to Lands &c. in St Dunstan | in the East."
This is followed by a note (in the same hand) referring to a "Composition (Folio 72.a.) between the Dean & Chapter of St Paul & the Prior & Convent of St Trinity London in relation to the Rectory of St Edmund the King prope Gras chirche," which "Instrument rectifies a Mistake in New Court, Vol I p. 342, about the pension paid out of this Rectory."
Underneath this is a note in another hand, erased and illegible though treated by Dr. Young with acid. He read: Examined by me And Cotton Ducarel Nov 1773. It looks rather like: Examined by me And Coltee Ducarel Nov 23 79.
For Andrew Coltee Ducarel (1713-85) see Dict. Nat. Biog. xvi. 84.
On 1, 1 recto the initial A is surmounted by a crown and contains on a shield (azure) a Trinity heraldic (or). The initial's gestures are extended to form floreated margins. On the next eight pages the initials are richly gilt, illuminated and gestured.
20, 1 [f. 149] recto-20, 2 [f. 150] recto are floreated pages with gilt illuminated initials.
At the foot of f. 149 recto in a scroll is the rubric: C [blue initial] Arta sancti Edwardi, followed by seven lines of Anglo-Saxon, the ipsissima verba of the Charter. In the lower margin are emblazoned the arms of Westminster; on a shield (azure) five martlets (or) surrounding cantonwise, a cross fleury (or).
In the lower margin of f. 150 recto is a mitred ecclesiastic's bust in a green and crimson hooded cope.
f. 179 has similarly ornamented initials.
f. 162 is a palimpsest of a folio in double cols.
Insets on vellum slips occur between the following folios: 44 and 45, 81 and 82, 117 and 118, 160 and 162 (foliated 161), 192 and 193.
On f. 203 recto in a XVI. Cent. hand: Stephanus Batman. For S. Batman see T.3.10 (Description).
This folio is mutilated by having had a piece 7 x 5 cut out of the lower half, destroying the text on the verso.
29, 1. [f. 206] contains in a XV. Cent. hand: A "Calendare parochiarum in presenti libro contentarum."
The Richard Renger mentioned on f. 207 was Lord Mayor of London. 1223-1226, and 1236.
Between 30, 2. and iii, 1. are four sheets of foolscap containing, in the same hand as supplied the list of S. Jerome's Epistles in T.1.1, a transcription of the first two pages of this MS.
The inset letter referred to in the Collation (See: John Young and P. Henderson Aitken, A Catalogue of the Manuscripts in the Library of The Hunterian Museum in The University of Glasgow. (Glasgow, 1908), p. 160) is from Dr. Thomas Tanner to John Anstis, Esqr., Arundel Street, London, is dated Norwich, Jan. 27, 1713, and congratulates the latter on the acquisition of this MS.
[Formerly S.2.9; S.2.18].
Arrangement: List Item Content
Physical Description: Bound volume.
Vellum, 13 x 9, ff. 208, originally ff. 216(?), well written in single cols. of 40 lines, each 9 x 6 3/8, ruled and margined with brown crayon, signatures (contemporary), foliation (late XVI. Cent.), no catchwords, floreated pages, gilt illuminated initials, ornamental initials with gestures, large and small blue and red initials, blue and red paragraph marks, running titles and continuous capitulation (contemporary), upright strokes elaborated, marginalia, insets, fol. sec. Matildis dei gracia. Cent. XIV.-XV.
Binding: Bevelled elm boards, covered chamois, gilt stamp of MUSEUM HUNTERIANUM | GLASGUENSE. Title, late XVII. Cent. (gilt) on red morocco shields: CARTULARIUM | PRIORATVS | SCAE TRIN. | INFRA ALDGATE | LONDON. Early Cent. XIX.
[For detailed collation see: John Young and P. Henderson Aitken, A Catalogue of the Manuscripts in the Library of The Hunterian Museum in The University of Glasgow. (Glasgow, 1908), p.159.]
Access: Normal conditions
Language: Latin
Material Type: Document
Notes: This manuscript has been exhibited on the following occasions: 'Treasures of Scottish Libraries', National Library of Scotland, Edinburgh, 1961; 'William Hunter, Book Collector', Glasgow University Library, Apr.-Sep. 1983; 'The Glory of the Page', Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto, Oct. 1987-Jan. 1988, Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, Feb.-Apr. 1988, Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, Richmond, Jun.-Aug. 1988, Burrell Collection, Glasgow, Nov. 1988-Jan. 1989; 'The World of Chaucer', Hunterian Museum, Glasgow, May-Aug. 2004.
Bibliography: Jack Baldwin, William Hunter, 1718-1783, book collector: catalogue of an exhibition (Glasgow, 1983), no. 7; The cartulary of Holy Trinity, Aldgate, edited by Gerald A.J. Hodgett (London Record Society Publications, v. 7, London, 1971) - f. 149 recto: Writ of Edward the Confessor; Elenchus Fontium Historiae Urbanae, ed. C. van de Kieft and G. van Hernijnen, vol. 2 (2), Leiden, 1989. British section, no. 16 - f. 149 (Letter from Susan Reynolds, 21.ii.89); English Episcopal Acta, vol. 1, pp 1075-1187, ed. Falko Neininger (London, 1996?) - f. 5 verso & 172 recto; Julie Gardham, The world of Chaucer: medieval books and manuscripts (Glasgow, 2004), p. 49; National Library of Scotland, Treasures of Scottish libraries: catalogue (Edinburgh, 1961), v, 7; P.H. Sawyer, Anglo-Saxon charters: an annotated list and bibliography (London, 1968), p. 329, no. 1103; Nigel Thorp, The glory of the page (London, 1987), no. 32; Twelfth-century English archidiaconal and vice-archidiaconal acta, edited by B.R. Kemp (Woodbridge, 2001); John Young & P.H. Aitken, A catalogue of the manuscripts in the Library of the Hunterian Museum in the University of Glasgow (Glasgow, 1908), p. 158-160.
Accession Number: 2482
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Repository Code: GB 0247

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author: Holy Trinity Priory London 1108? -
exhibition: Glory of the Page 1987-1989
Exhibition of medieval manuscripts from Glasgow University Library: Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto, Oct. 1987-Jan. 1988, Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, Feb.-Apr. …
exhibition: Treasures of Scottish Libraries 1961
Exhibition, National Library of Scotland, Edinburgh, 1961.
exhibition: William Hunter, Book Collector 1983
Exhibition, Glasgow University Library, 14 april-30 September 1983.
exhibition: World of Chaucer
Exhibition: The World of Chaucer: Medieval Books and Manuscripts from Glasgow University Library, held at the Hunterian Museum, Glasgow, 15 May-28 August 2004.
provenance: John Anstis 1669-1744
Garter King of Arms.
provenance: Andrew Coltee Ducarel 1713-1785
Keeper of Lambeth Library, 1757-1785.
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