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Call Number: MS Hunter 197 (U.1.1)
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Date of Creation: Between 1475 and 1476
Place of Creation: England
Level of Description: Item
Part of MS Hunter 1-658
Content: Geoffrey Chaucer, Canterbury Tales.
Incerti Avctoris, Tractatvs de Pvrgatorio S. Patricii.
On i, 2 verso autograph: Tho: Martin. Given me [i.e. by] Mr. John White of Ipswich, Surgeon.
On i, 3 recto (in the same hand as above): The Order of the prologues, and Tales; in this book (which is Imperfect), at beginning only. | And beginneth at the 355th line as printed in Mr. Urrey's Edition being the Frankeleyn etc his table &c. | This book is Imperfect, till the 355th Line in the | Frankeleins prologue, which beginneth thus. | His Table dormant, in his halle alweye . pr. | In Urry | page 8. The Knight's Tale. 3b. | 24. The Millers... 17. | 30. The Reves... 21. | 34. The Cokes... 24. | 138. The Shipmans... 25. | 142. The Prioresses... 28b. | 160. The Monks... 29b | 49. The Man of Laws... 34. | 59. The Esquires... 38. | 66. The Merchants... 40. | 82. The Wife of Baths... 46. | 86. The Fryers... 52 | 90. The Sompners... 54 | 115. The Second Nunns... 57 | 132. The Pardoners... 60 | 174. The Manciples... 63 | 145. The Tale of Sr. Thopas... 64. | 147. Chaucers or Melibeus. 65b. | 169. The Priests Tale... 73. | 128. The Doctr. of Physicks. 76 | 138. The Shipmans... 77b enter'd twice | 142. The Prioresses... 80. | 107. The Franklins... 81b | 190. The Parsons... 86. The Retraction 102b. | 96. The Clerk of Oxenfords. 103 | 122. The Chanons Yeoman. 110. | Written anno 1476. fol. 115b. | Chaucer dyed. 1400... 25. octor.
On this page is pasted a printed slip (of Sale Catalogue): CHAUCER'S CANTERBURY TALES; a most curious and | well preserved MSS. A writing at the end of the book | informs that it was the writing of Godfrey Spurling, | of Norwich, and his Son in the year 1476, 16th of | Edward. IV. and Tractatus Sti Patrici de Purgatore of | 24 Pages.
On f. '1' recto top left corner, in an early XVIII. Cent. hand: Compared with the printed Copy. [in right top corner] se the Saxon [th] | as in my other MS.(?) | of the N.T. [th].
This hand has inserted readings marked pr. in each instance, from the printed copy and notes omissions in the last throughout the MS.
On f. '4' verso is a note, in an XVIII. Cent. hand: Wanting from folio 2 of the Knight's Tale | line the 20 to line the 41. on the other | side of the same leafe.
On the guard between folios '13' and '15' Dr. Young has pencilled: "V.P. 37-38 rightly placed J.Y."
On f. '25' recto col. b, between lines 41 and 42. Shipman's Tale, 4 lines = 1220-1223, Skeat, p. 168, omitted.
On f. '33' recto, between lines 41 and 42 in Monk's Tale = 3813-3820, Skeat.
On f. '35' verso, line 42: O mars o as in this caas "occifier pr." O mars, O atazir as in this cas. = Skeat, p. 139, line 305.
Between the last line of f. '35' verso and the first line of f. '36' = lines 355-670, Skeat, pp. 140-152.
On f. '37' verso the prologue of the Shipman has this rubric: Here endeth the tale of the man of lawe | Now begynneth the pro-loge of the Esquyer. This prologue concludes on f. '14' recto col. a, line 4, and is followed by this rubric: Now begynneth the tale of Esquyer | A [rubricated initial] tte Sarray in the lond of Tartarye. | In the inner margin of f. '37' verso in an XVIII. Cent. hand: as before, here wanteit one leaf.
On f. '36' verso lines 939-945 precede lines 932-938, lines 946-952 omitted.
On f. '39' recto lower margin, are the letters EP marked with a bodkin.
On f. '42' verso last line: So hasted Januar that it must be done = between lines 1818-1819, Skeat, p. 443.
On f. '43' verso col. a, between lines 4 and 5 = lines 1927-1928, p. 446, Skeat.
On f. '57' recto col. b, lines 25-27 are scored out in red with a contemporary marginal note, 'confer supra,' these lines occurring above, 16-18.
On f. '60' verso is written vertically in a late XVI. Cent. hand: 123456789.
On f. '61' recto is a marginal scribble in a late XVII. Cent. hand: so me so.
On f. '64' verso col. b, lines 1, 2 = ffor in that contree - neyther wife ner childe | was there none so fre (cf. Skeat, p. 193, lines 1994-1996) and lines 6 and 7 = lines 2000 and 1999, Skeat.
On f. '73' recto, after the Tale of Meliboeus, in this rubric: Whanne ended was the tale of melibius and prudence | Oure Ooste swore by Goddy's dere pacience | I had leuer thanne a barel of ale | That Goodlief my wife herde this tale | Now begynneth the preeste's tale [omitting the prologue, Skeat, pp. 269-70, Epilogue, Skeat, p. 289].
On f. '77' verso there is no prologue to the Shipman's tale, but see '37' verso.
On f. '80', line 10 is scored out with red = line 17 = 1689, Skeat, p. 182.
On f. '80' recto between lines 12 and 13, is a red cross, repeated in the margin before: And thurgh the strete men myghte | ride or wende ffor it was fre | and open at euery ende.
On f. '81' verso col. b, lines 14-34 = prologue to Sir Thopas.
On f. '84' recto col. b, line 47 is scored out in red with rubric "vacat."
On f. '85' recto col. a, between 26 and 27, two lines are inserted, the first being scored through, the same hand as on f. '37': My life than of my body to have a shame | To live for, her thought it was a shame.
Lines 26 and 27 = of Tarquyn whanne that she had lost hir name | The vij maidens of milesie also. Cf. Skeat, p. 501, lines 1407-9, of Tarquin, for her thoughte it was a shame | To hien where she had loss her name? | The sevene maydens of milesie also.
On f. '85' recto col. a, between lines 39-40, should come lines 1422-1427, Skeat, p. 502.
On f. '85' verso col. a, between lines 4-5, should come lines 1492-1498, Skeat, p. 504: fols. '85' recto and '87' verso, '95' recto-111 recto scratched margins; f. '88' lower margin torn.
On f. '101' recto col. a, line 32, six lines omitted are added in the margin by the same hand = line 985, p. 36, Skeat.
The persons tale ends f. '102' verso col. b, lines 16- thus: At the daye of Dome that shal be saued. Qui | cum patre et spiritu sancto uiuit et regnat deus per infinita secula Amen. Be it remembered that | the tale of the Clerk of Oxford and the ta,, | le of the Chanons Yoman folwen immediat,, | li in the next leef [a small space follows this rubric (Be... leef), after which another rubric, scored through with two diagonal lines| Orate pro salute animarum Galfridi Spirleng | Civis Norwici Court holder Clerici maiora,, | tus et Comitatis dicte Comitatis ac Thome | Spirleng filij sui qui scribendo hunc librum | compleuerunt mense Januarij anno domini | Millesimo ccccmo lxxvjo [quadringentesimo septuagesimo sexto] que tempore dictus Galfridus quasi quinquaginta et dictus Thomas quasi Sedecimo etatis extiterunt | annorum. [From the last word of line 16 to the end of this rubric the writing is engrossed. After this in ordinary contemporary hand:] This writyng is drawen for the | book of Canterbury is not yet ended and therefor these | words are written in the xij leef folwyng, by cause | that ij tales are yet folwyng immediatly.
On f. '106' verso col. b, lines 33, 34 are scored through with red.
On f. '108' verso in a XVI. Cent. hand: roger blyte? The lower margin of f. '110' is torn. f. '111' is on a guard.
On f. '115' after the concluding rubric, in a XVI. Cent. hand: Let vs nowe lawde and magnifye with musyke of concorde | the father the sonne and holy goste: one euer lyvynge lorde | with tewnyd notis that swetly sownde to prayce our heauenli Kynge | with cherfull harts and pleasant voyce one thys wyse let vs singe | l. 5 glorye be to ye trynyte one god and persons three as it ys nowe and ever was and euer moore shalbe | Amen.
On f. '115' verso, the same rubric 'Orate pro salute', etc. as on f. '102' verso, under which is an autograph: Tho: Martin.
On '120' verso a memorandum in a late XVI. Cent. hand: he hathe vnder your hand this note in riddells xi acres pastur and iii acres wood | in the middell close xiij acres | in the medow ii acres and halfe | in the wood and and pastur 2 x acres | in the hay feld x acres | in netherden feld iij acres and halfe | in a close next bastes grene vj acres | in Calmens feld iij acres.
For Thomas Martin of Palgrave (1694-1771), see S.1.3 (Description).
For Geoffrey Spirling (Sperlyng, Spyrlyng, Spirling), see J. Gairdner, The Paston Letters, London, 1875, i, 168, 314, 335, 370, 404, 410, 414, 415-416, 418, 445, 504; ii, 262, 264; iii, 43.
[Formerly S.4.14; R.8.113].
Fols. now numbered 1-13, 15-37, 14, 38-120. folio 14 now restored to its correct position after rebinding in 1981 (cf. Binder's note in MSS).
See document per Dr. Daniel W. Mosser, March 1994, concerning MS Hunter 197.
Arrangement: List Item Content
Physical Description: Bound volume.
Paper (stout), 14 7/8 x 10 3/4, 120 ff., originally ff. 132, well written in double cols. of 44-59 lines, each about 10 x 3 5/8, sometimes ruled, margined with ink, signatures, mostly cropped, catchwords and foliation (XVII. Cent.), illuminated initials with gestures, rubrics and rubricated initials, running titles, authorities cited, and paragraph marks, rare marginalia, much soiled in parts, fols. 67, 68 have margins cut off, fols. '1' and '2' torn and mended, fols. '6', '111' mounted on a guard, the last 20 folios have the left hand top corners to injured by damp that the text if often illegible, fol. sec. [f. '1'] his table dormant. Late Cent. XV. (1476).
Binding: Quarter calf, millboards, covered grey paper, title in ink on first board in XVIII. Cent. Gothic characters: Chaucers | Canterbury Tales. MS. | Et | Sti. Patricij tractatus de | Purgatorio.
[For detailed collation see: John Young and P. Henderson Aitken, A Catalogue of the Manuscripts in the Library of The Hunterian Museum in The University of Glasgow. (Glasgow, 1908), p. 138.]
Access: Normal conditions
Language: English
Material Type: Poem
Notes: This manuscript has been exhibited on the following occasion: 'The World of Chaucer', Hunterian Museum, Glasgow, May-Aug. 2004.
Bibliography: Printed facsimile, reproduced by Graham Caie with Tomonori Matsushita and Junichi Chiba, Institute for the Development of Social Intelligence, Centre for Research on Language and Culture, (Senshu University, 2008); Richard Beadle, 'Mark Thomas Hyngham's hand in the Macro manuscript', New Science out of real books, 315-337; Richard Beadle, 'Geoffrey Spirleng (c.1426-c.1494); a scribe of the Canterbury Tales in his time', Of the making of books: medieval manuscripts, their scribes and readers: essays presented to M.B. Parkes, ed. P.R. Robinson and R. Zim (Aldershot: Scolar, 1997), pp 116-146, plates 16-17; Julie Gardham, The world of Chaucer: medieval books and manuscripts (Glasgow, 2004), p. 12; Eva Olivia Golson, The spelling system of the Glasgow MS of the Canterbury Tales: a dissertation submitted to the Faculty of the Division of the Humanities in candidacy for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy (University of Chicago, 1942); John Young & P.H. Aitken, A catalogue of the manuscripts in the Library of the Hunterian Museum in the University of Glasgow (Glasgow, 1908), pp 138-141; Denis Reveney and Graham D Caie (Eds), Medieval Texts in Context, (Routledge, 2008), p13 Plate 1 (fol 102v).
Accession Number: 2482
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Location of Copies: Printed facsimile available (Senshu University, 2008).
Repository Code: GB 0247

Names associated with this item:

author: Geoffrey Chaucer 1340-1400
exhibition: World of Chaucer
Exhibition: The World of Chaucer: Medieval Books and Manuscripts from Glasgow University Library, held at the Hunterian Museum, Glasgow, 15 May-28 August 2004.
provenance: Thomas Martin 1697-1771
Of Palgrave. Antiquary.
scribe: Geoffrey Spirleng fl.1476
scribe: Thomas Spirleng fl.1476
Son of Geoffrey Spirleng.
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