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Call Number: MS Hunter 82 (T.3.20)
Title: The Emperor Charles V.'s Discourse on his Abdication
Date of Creation: Between 1499 and 1599
Level of Description: Item
Part of MS Hunter 1-658
Content: Henry Howard, First Earl of Northampton, translation from the Spanish of The Emperor Charles V.'s Discourse on his Abdication.
Henry Howard's Translation from the Spanish of a Discourse of the Emperor Charles V. on his Abdication (1555):
1. Epistle Dedicatory to Queen Elizabeth:
Begins - after a title (in italic characters) on the recto of fol. 1 (2) as follows: A MEMORIALL | OF A DISCOVRS. | used by the late worthie Emperor | Charles the Vth. upon the resignement | of his gouernement and states to his | sonne the now Kinge of Spaine - (1, 3 [f. 2 (3)] recto lines 1-3): To the Quene's most | excellent Majestie. | If the faithfull Chananite of whom wee reade in holy writt (most gratious
Ends (1, 7 [fol. 6 (7)] recto lines 14-17): I will deny me captum esse quamdiu Regina vixerit. | Your most affectionate loyall and | humble Subiect and Seruaunt till death | Henry H[unkeyable character]ward.
2. Charles V.'s Discourse on the abdication of his crown to his son Philip II. Translated from the Spanish by Henry Howard, Earl of Northampton:
Begins (1, 8 [f. 7 (8)] recto line 1): I haue resolved (most deare sonne) to come now to the point of re-
Ends (5, 12 [f. 41 (42)] verso lines 13, 13): course as praiers may second youre purposes Sanctę Trinitati sit | gloria in secula seculorum. Amen.
Remarks: Mr. Sidney (Dict. Nat. Biog. xxviii. p. 32) mentions other copies of this MS. (Harl. MSS. 836, 1056 [should be 1506]; Cott. MSS. Titus c. xviii. [another work of Howard's] and Bodl. Lib. Rawl. MSS. B. 7). It would be interesting to know, as this MS. bears the autograph signature of the translator, whether the annotations are Queen Elizabeth's. The arrangement of water marks proves that the first folio is lost, thus:
ff. 9 ff. 4 ff. 6 ff. 10 ff. 12
The presence of the water mark is indicated by a cross (X), its absence by a cypher (O). V indicates the middle of each quire.
[Formerly S.3.1; S.3.27]
Physical Description: Bound volume.
Paper, 11 7/8 x 8, ff. 41, written in small English court hand, in single cols. of 27-44 lines, each 9½ x 5½, margins marked by folding, catchwords (each page), no signatures or foliation, marginalia in minute (contemporary) hand (?Queen Elizabeth's), much worn and worm-holed round edges. Late Cent. XVI.
Binding: Millboards, covered mottled calf, gilt-tooled sides, panelled back. Cent. XVIII.
[For detailed collation see: John Young and P. Henderson Aitken, A Catalogue of the Manuscripts in the Library of The Hunterian Museum in The University of Glasgow. (Glasgow, 1908), p. 87.]
Access: Normal conditions
Language: English
Material Type: Document
Bibliography: John Young & P.H. Aitken, A catalogue of the manuscripts in the Library of the Hunterian Museum in the University of Glasgow (Glasgow, 1908), p. 87-88.
Accession Number: 2482
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Repository Code: GB 0247

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author: Charles V Holy Roman Emperor
translator: Henry Howard 1st Earl of Northampton 1540-1614
Lord Privy Seal, 1608.
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