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Call Number: MS Hunter 25 (S.2.15)
Images: [ MS Hunter 25 fol. 7v ] [ MS Hunter 25 fol. 235r ]
Date of Creation: Between 1493 and 1494
Level of Description: Item
Part of MS Hunter 1-658
Content: Breviarium Romanum.
On i, 1 recto in XVII. Cent. hand: The oyile of camfere By(?) me R. 1, 1 recto is blank. On its verso is an exquisite picture of the Annunciation, with a rich crimson border, containing in ornate capitals: ECCE . ANCILLA . DOMINI . FIAT . MICHI . | SECVNDVM . VERBVM TVVM.
The angel, on the left, in a greenish white sleeved robe and mantle of cloth of gold, fastened with a ruby brooch, raises his right hand in benediction, and bears in his left a fleur-de-lys headed golden sceptre, while, in gilt letters, the legend: Spiritus sanctus superveniet in te, runs from his mouth (closed) to his left hand. Immediately over the head of the sceptre is a dove descending with outspread wings, surrounded with a halo, on a ray of glory. The Virgin, in a rayed golden nimbus, kneels on the right, with hands crossed over her bosom, in a blue sleeved mantle, like a circular cloak, a small book on the floor in front of her; the background reveals a bed with one pillow. Green curtains are suspended with gold rings from a rod between Gothic pillars behind the angel. The margins of the opposite page are similarly adorned: AVE . GRACIA . PLENA . DOMINVS . | TECVM . BENEDICTA . TV . IN . MVLIE: | RIBVS . CVM.
Beautifully executed floreated margins and miniatures on the following folios: 22 verso, (The Nativity); 99 verso (The Ascension); 106 verso (Pentecost); 109 verso (The Trinity); 143 recto (David); 196 recto (St. Peter and Apostles - floreated page); 231 recto (Martyrdom); 235 recto (St. Anna's departure (?)); 331 recto (Nativity of B.V.M.). Meeting at the Golden Gate.
The vellum is very thin and white, probably foetal. This copy must have been prepared for an important personage.
On ii, 1 recto in pencil: 1743
The date 1404, to which 1494 was altered on 40, 5 recto, is obviously wrong, as is seen from 39, 4 recto, col. a, lines 31-40 (rubric): In festo presentationis virginis | marie: quod festum primo fuit ce- | lebratum in francia: ad instanti- | am christianissimi regis francorum | necnon et in ceteris eiusdem reg- | ni prouinciis: de hinc in anglia | hyspania: atque in aliis partibus | mundi: nunc nouiter sanctissimus | papa sixtus quartus ipsum pub- | licauit.
Pope Sixtus the Fourth (1414-1484) issued a Bull, 1471, in connection with this office.
The Kalendar is marked "Franciscan" by Dr. James.
The binding is like that in the British Museum: Royal MSS. 2 A. xii (see its Guide to the MSS. 1899, p. 132).
[Formerly P.2.14].
Treasures from Scottish libraries: catalogue of an exhibition held in the Library of Trinity College, Dublin (Edinburgh, 1964): Breviary.
Glasgow University, Hunterian Library, MS. 25 (S.2.15). Parchment, 384 ff., 250 x 154 mm. S. Netherlands (?Bruges), 1494. Binding: original, brown calf over beech boards, elaborately embossed with figures and grotesques, each of the four panels on both sides bordered in Gothic characters by the name of the binder, Anthony van Gavere of Bruges. The manuscript is well written in littera textualis on very thin, white vellum. It begins with a full-page miniature of the Annunciation in a crimson border. There are nine other folios which have small miniatures (the Nativity, Ascension, Pentecost, Trinity, David, St Peter and apostles, Martyrdom, St Anne, Nativity of the B.V.M.) with borders of trompe-l'oeil decoration - single cut flowers, butterflies, etc. - arranged in strew-pattern against a dull gold ground.
Prof. Otto Pächt : "...the miniatures by the hand of the Master of Maximilian's Prayerbook (Cod. 1907 of the Vienna Nat. Bibl.)...", see letter dated 27 May 1978 (Special Collections correspondence).
A publication by the J Paul Getty Museum (c 2003) attributes the illumination of the miniatures to the workshop of the Master of the First Prayer Book of Maximilian.
Arrangement: List Item Content
Physical Description: Bound volume.
Vellum, 9 7/8 x 6 5/8, ff. 384, originally ff. 386, beautifully written in Flanders, in double cols. of 43 lines, each 6 7/8 x 1 5/8, ruled and margined with violet, no signatures or catchwords visible, foliation (partial) modern, one full page picture, exquisitely executed miniatures and floreated margins (flowers on gold background), illuminated initials (every capital in the text illuminated), rubrics and rubricated paragraph marks, cropped, fol. sec. KAL. Late Cent. XV. (dated 1494).
Binding: Original, bevelled beech boards, covered brown calf, most elaborately embossed with figures and grotesques, each of the four panels on both sides having round it in Gothic characters: anthonius . de . gauere | ob . laudem | christi . librum . hunc | recte ligaui. The edges are gilt and goffered, back repaired, modern. Title (gilt): BREVIARIVM | 1494. (Now [1906] in the binder's hands.) Late Cent. XV.
[For detailed collation see: John Young and P. Henderson Aitken, A Catalogue of the Manuscripts in the Library of The Hunterian Museum in The University of Glasgow. (Glasgow, 1908), p. 24, and insert dated 5 March 1982.]
Access: Normal conditions
Language: Latin
Material Type: Breviary
Archival History: Possibly to be identified as Lot 274 in the sale of the library of Ebenezer Mussell in London, 30 May 1766, where the manuscript is described as "Missale, or the Missale wrote 1404, most magnificently and beautifully illum. With a great many figures" [see notes above in current catalogue record for erroneous date of 1404 ascribed in the manuscript]; William Hunter is recorded as purchasing lot 274 for £8.8.0 according to the digitized copy of the Mussell sale catalogue (annotated with prices and buyers' names) at the Houghton Library, Harvard University.
Notes: This manuscript has been exhibited on the following occasions: 'Flemish Art, 1300-1700', Royal Academy of Arts, London, 5 December 1953-6 March 1954; 'Treasures of Scottish Libraries', National Library of Scotland, Edinburgh, 1961; 'Trésors des Bibliothèques d'Ecosse', Brussels, 1963; 'Treasures from Scottish libraries', Trinity College Library, Dublin, 1964; 'The Glory of the Page', Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto, Oct. 1987-Jan. 1988, Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, Feb.-Apr. 1988, Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, Richmond, Jun.-Aug. 1988, Burrell Collection, Glasgow, Nov. 1988-Jan. 1989; 'The Magic of the Middle Ages, Part 1: Sacred Manuscripts', Glasgow University Library, Apr.-Jul. 1994. 'Perennial Pages', Glasgow University Library, May-Aug. 1995. Although this manuscript is listed as Item 88 in the accompanying publication (The Renaissance: The Triumph of Flemish Manuscript Painting in Europe) to an exhibition at the J. Paul Getty Museum from June to September 2003, and at the Royal Academy of Arts from November 2003 to February 2004, it was not in fact loaned to the exhibition.
Bibliography: Thomas Kren and Scot McKendrick, Illuminating the Renaissance: the triumph of Flemish manuscript painting in Europe, (J Paul Getty Museum, c 2003), pp 317-8; National Library of Scotland, Treasures of Scottish libraries: catalogue (Edinburgh, 1961), ix, 7; Royal Academy of Arts, Flemish art, 1300-1700 (London, 1953), p. 161 (no. 602); Nigel Thorp, The glory of the page (London, 1987), no. 125; Treasures from Scottish libraries: catalogue of an exhibition held in the Library of Trinity College, Dublin (Edinburgh, 1964), p. 18; Trésors des bibliothèques d'Ecosse (Brussels, 1963), p. 22; J. Wardrop, 'Western illuminated manuscripts in the Hunterian Library, Glasgow University', Apollo, vol. 14 (1930), pp. 319-322; John Young & P.H. Aitken, A catalogue of the manuscripts in the Library of the Hunterian Museum in the University of Glasgow (Glasgow, 1908), pp. 23-5. Plate IX.
For a note on the relationship between the miniature on fol. 109 verso and a miniature contained in BM MS Add 35313 (fol. 210 verso) - which is itself derived from the Trinity of the Trinity Panels attributed to Hugo van der Goes in the National Gallery of Scotland - see Colin Thompson & Lorne Campbell, Hugo van der Goes and the Trinity Panels in Edinburgh, (1974), p. 16.
Accession Number: 2482
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exhibition: Flemish Art, 1300-1700
Winter Exhibition, Royal Academy of Arts, London, 5 December 1953-6 March 1954.
exhibition: Glory of the Page 1987-1989
Exhibition of medieval manuscripts from Glasgow University Library: Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto, Oct. 1987-Jan. 1988, Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, Feb.-Apr. …
exhibition: Magic of the Middle Ages 1994-1995
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exhibition: Perennial Pages 1995
Exhibition: Perennial Pages: Flower Illustration in Books since the Renaissance, Glasgow University Library, 13 May-26 August 1995.
exhibition: Treasures from Scottish Libraries 1964
Exhibition, Trinity College Library, Dublin, 1964.
exhibition: Treasures of Scottish Libraries 1961
Exhibition, National Library of Scotland, Edinburgh, 1961.
exhibition: Trésors des Bibliothèques d'Ecosse 1963
Exhibition, Brussels, 1963.
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