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Call Number: MS Hunter 2 (S.1.2)
Title: Catholicon
Images: [ MS Hunter 2 fol. 1r ]
Date of Creation: Between 1399 and 1499
Level of Description: Item
Part of MS Hunter 1-658
Content: Joannis Balbi de Janva, Catholicon.
On i, 4 verso in the handwriting of Peter Burmann, Junr. (as in S.1.1): JOHANNIS DE JANUA | Catholicon | vide in voce Janua. ubi haec ipse scribit : | a Janua porta dicta est Janua, quaedam civitas | potens, nobilis, pulcra et dives, juxta mare sita | et est quasi introitus porta Lombardiae Tusciae provinciae. | Huius civitatis oriundus fuit compilator | praesentis libelli, qui dicitur Prosodia vel | Catholicon. Compilator siquidem huius operis | dictus frater Johannes Januensis de Balbis, de ordine fratrum Praedicatorum modicus, | qui etiam compilavit alium libellum in Theologia, qui dicitur Dialogus de quaestionibus animae ad spiritum: qui etiam composuit quoddam opus Paschale, ubi scilicet de facili | reperitur Pascha; scilicet hoc opus Paschale composuit, antequam Ordinem intraret. | Codex hic in litera T desinit | cetera supplenda ex altero meo codice qui ad finem perducitur, sed in initio, illic | nonnulla desiderantur, ex hoc codice | petenda.
On a 1, I recto in the middle of upper margin, in XVII. Cent. hand: i.h.s., and above col. b: S. Martini Monasterij Wiblingen.
On the same page the historiated initial P, richly gilt and tooled, contains a vignette, S. Martin, with furred cap and nimbus, on horseback, dividing his pink fur-lined mantle with his sword to give to a beggar in a shirt, who follows limping on a crutch. S. Martin is in blue doublet and vermilion hose, with long pointed toes.
The ornamentation spreads over the upper, inner, and middle margins of the page.
Dr. Young notes: "Very imperfect at beginning, the ink having peeled off, leaving pen marks. Inferior work to S.1.1. Also Burmanni, though without his signature."
For Peter Burmann, Junr., see S.1.1.
2, I recto col. a, line 1-2, 7 verso col. a, line 24 in S.1.1.
Consequently the lacuna is only partially covered by the first three folios, which may have been taken from another MS.
Between 34, 6 and 7 is inserted a vellum slip, 5½ x 7, on which the scribe's hand has supplied an omission, "Munifico... Munitorium."
Weiblingen Benedictine Monastery, near Ulm, was founded about 1099 by Counts Otto and Hartmann von Kirchberg in honour of S. Martin.
[Formerly R.1.3; R.1.3.]
Arrangement: List Item Content
Physical Description: Bound volume.
Vellum, 18¼ x 13 1/8 (except 1, 1-3, about 17½ x 12¼), ff. 472, originally ff. 476 + 52 (?), written in Italy, in double cols., margined with plummet, of 61 lines, each 13½ x 3 3/4, signatures, catchwords, no foliation, gilt (and silvered) illuminated initials, ornamental initials, red with blue ornament and vice versa, small red and blue initials alternately, no marginalia, vellum tabs in glossary, rubrics, rubricated paragraph marks, initials touched with vermilion, fol. sec. autem non sunt. Cent. XV.
Binding: same as S.1.1, vellum backstraps (strips of a map(?)), title (ink) in the hand of P. Burmann, Junr.: JOH. DE JANVA | Catholicon | sive | Glossarium Latinum | MS. Cent. XVII.
[For detailed collation see: John Young and P. Henderson Aitken, A Catalogue of the Manuscripts in the Library of The Hunterian Museum in The University of Glasgow. (Glasgow, 1908), p. 2.]
Access: Normal conditions
Language: Latin
Material Type: Document
Bibliography: Compare Wolfgang Urban, 'Ex Bibliotheca Monasterii Wiblingensis. In den mittelalterlichen Handschriften des Tübinger Wilhelmstifts' Rottenburger Jahrbuch für Kirchengeschichte, 6 (1987), pp. 221-238 (noted in Scriptorium, 42, 1988, B 1003 - MS 2 not noted); John Young & P.H. Aitken, A catalogue of the manuscripts in the Library of the Hunterian Museum in the University of Glasgow (Glasgow, 1908), pp 2-3.
Accession Number: 2482
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Repository Code: GB 0247

Names associated with this item:

author: Giovanni Balbi d. 1298
Joannes Balbus de Janua.
author: Pieter Burmann 1714-1778
Dutch classical scholar.
subject: Martin Saint
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