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Call Number: MS Hunter 319 (U.7.13)
Title: History of Launceston
Date of Creation: Between 1699 and 1799
Level of Description: Item
Part of MS Hunter 1-658
Content: John Anstis, History of Launceston.
John Anstis' History of Launceston: (Incomplete.)
Begins - after a title page (enclosed in a printed border cut from a book title and pasted on), as follows:- Launceston [rubric] | sive | Burgi de Dunhevet [the last word rubricated] | In Agro Cornubico, | Antiquitates, Initia, | Incrementa, et Privilegia, | et Monasterij, et burgi | de Newport, et Ecclesi- | arum et Pagorum | circumjacentium (1, 2 recto lines 1-10), and a Dedication of 11 lines, occupying the next recto (1, 3 recto) thus:- Prętori, | Consulibus Senatoribus, Tribunis, | Populoque | Launceston: [rubric] | urbem Vobis Vestram, | Lustratam, illustratam, laudatam | ut oportuit, ut decuit, | Consecrat | Johannes Anstis vester in | Parliamentis Orator, | Grati Animi Indicem - (2, 1 recto [f. 4] lines 1-4): Quod nunc populari vocabulo Lanson vel | Launson vocamus, olim Launceston, Lanceueton | Lanstaveton, Lansteveton Lanscaveton, Lanste- | -veton
Ends (37, 3 [f. '134'] recto lines 5-11): in aliquo non obstante. In cuius rei Testimonium | has literas meas fieri fecimus patentes Testibus | nobis ipsis apud Westmonasterium quinto decimo die | ffebruarij anno Regnorum nostrorum secundo et tertio | Buggyn | Per breve de privato sigillo et de data prędicti auctoritate Parliamenti
Remarks: The printed border of the title page contains (1.) Moses, with the Law, in gartered hose, skirted tunic and toga, and (r.) David with his Harp, in maunched mantle and turban, probably cut from some XVI. Cent. book, the oblong medallion at the bottom, surmounted by a cherub's head and wings, and flanked by squatting satyrs, is blank (where the date would be inserted).
Between 27, 2 verso [f. '89' verso] and 28, 1 recto [f. '96'] are inserted the following leaves:
i. A Broad-sheet, 11½ x 7, printed in 66 lines on the recto beginning: The CASE of the Mayor, Aldermen, and Cor- | poration of Launceston in Cornwall, and their | Reasons for the Continuance of the Assizes for the | said County at Launceston, and ending: Parliament, that they will not contrary to their Antient Priviledge, commit them over to | an unavoidable Impoverishment.
ii. A Statement and Appeal, in support of the above on three leaves (numbered 92, 93, 94 in pencil), each 12 x 7¼-7 3/8, containing each 36-40 lines, beginning (f. '92' recto lines 1, 2): The Borough of Dunhevet alias Lanceston, is the Capitalis Villa Castrata Ducatus | Cornubię, as it is termed in the Charters, In Domesdei book tis said Ibi est Castrum Comitus, and ending (f. '94' recto lines 17-20): And we hope no Precedent will be made of taking away a | Prescriptive Right confirmed by Charters against the Consent | of the Proprietors without an Equivalent to be granted | in lieu thereof. The verso (blank) has an endorsement in a contemporary hand: Sold lit Hon 557 Mr. Anstis.
iii. Original Petition to the Privy Council, on the recto of a leaf, 11 x 8, numbered '91', beginning (lines 1-12): To the Kings most excellent Maty and the Rt Honoble the Lords of his Majesties Most Honoble Privy | Councell. | The humble peticion of the Mayor Aldermen & Corporation | of Launceston; together with the Gentry of the County of | Cornewell, whose names are herevnto subscribed, together with | divers Members of Parliament that serve for the said County. | Sheweth | That whereas there was a Bill lately depending in Parliamt for the removall | of the Assizes of the said County from your Maties said Corporation of Launceston to a | small and meane Towne called Bodmin; vpon pretences that the same lyes more | neere the middle of the County & more convenient for the attendance of ye inhabitants... and ending (lines 29-37): And your Maties most humble petrs shall ever pray | for your Maties long and happy Reigne. | Oswald Kingdon maior | Nicholas ennys (?) Jo: En Coryton | Ffrancis Glanvil Recorder | Tho: Bowes | Will: Stokes Hugh Piper | Robert Pearse | James Hoskins.
iv. Memorandum in John Anstis' hand, quoting charters in support of the foregoing appeal, on the recto of a leaf [f. '95'] with the same water-mark as the body of this book, 12 x 7½, and extending to 21 lines, beginning (line 1): The Statute 6 Richard II. c. 5. fixes the Assizes in the principal & chief Towns | ... and ending (lines 20, 21): (therein stiled Capitalis villa Castrata Ducatus Cornubię) among other franchises | as follows
Between 37, 4 verso [f. '135' verso] and 38, 1 [fol. not numbered] are inserted the following leaves, numbered 136, 137, 138 respectively:
v. Extract from the Rolls and Memorandum relative thereto in two contemporary hands, on the recto of a leaf, 8 x 6, beginning (lines 1-4): Claus. 36. carte secunde pars secunda No. 1 [these words in the left margin] The Mayor and Comonaltie of Launceston | Comitatus Cornubię doe surrender all their ffranchises | Charters etc to the King. 30th October Anno 36to annoque Domini 1684. | ... and ending (line 10): Jacobi sexti primo
vi. a. Extract from Returns to Parliament and b. Letter relative thereto on a sheet (two folios), numbered 137, 15½ x 12¼ (i.e. two folios, each 12¼ x 7 3/4), a. beginning (lines 1, 2): Villę Lanceston alias Dunhevidi Comitatus | Cornubię. | ... and ending (on the verso, line 6): elegendi (?) sub sigillo rubeo cujus pars manet. b. beginning (lines 1, 2): Sir. | You have here an Extract from the Bundells | and ending (lines 9-13): the payment of the first 100 lb. it will oblige | Sir | your very humble servant | Robert Sanderson | March 31st 1715. The letter is addressed: To John Anstys Esquire | att his House in | Arundell Street in ye [the] | Strand. and was wafered and seal-marked.
For Robert Sanderson (1660-1741), see Dict. Nat. Biog. l. 266.
vii. A Letter from John Bewes to John Anstis, contained on the two rectos of a folded sheet, numbered '138', and loosely inserted after vi. The sheet is 16¼ x 13, i.e. two folios, each 13 x 8 1/8, beginning (on the first recto, lines 1-6): Launceston 22d of ffebruary 1714 | Sir | I understand by a letter which my wife had from you last weeke | yt [that] you want to be farther Informed of ye proceedings before our | late Election, at it, and what our antient usage hath bin in | Electing, time out of mind, which is as follows. On thursday ye | ... and ending (along the inner margin of the second recto): I haue much more to communicate to you but I am affraid to putt in writing If I can serue you, you may Command | your oblidged humble Seruant John Bewes This letter is addressed: ffor | John Anstis Esquire | a member of Parliament | at his house In Arundell | Street | London. was closed with red sealing wax and bears the postmark date 25FE.
For John Anstis, senior (1669-1743/4), Garter King at Arms, M.P. for St. German 1702-1705, for St. Maws 1711-1713, for Launceston 1714-1722, see Dict. Nat. Biog. ii. 43.
See also Bibliotheca Cornubiensis, by G.C. Boase and W.P. Courtney, London, 1874-1882; Gentleman's Magazine, LXXX. ii. 103. A Letter to the Editor from Fr. Vyvyan Jagg (Landulph, near Plymouth Dock, Aug. 1, 1810) mentions this MS. as having been left by Anstis "prepared for the press", and adds: Mr. Astle bought the greater part of Mr. Anstis's MSS.; and the Marquis of Buckingham purchased them at Mr. Astle's death, of his representatives; but the History of Launceston is not among them; neither is it to be found in the British Museum, the Bodleian Library or the Library of the Royal Institution, the Library of the Antiquarian Society or the Herald's Office.
[Formerly Q.7.18; Q.7.132]
Arrangement: List Item Content
Physical Description: Bound volume.
Paper, 7½ x 6¼, ff. 157 (with 11 leaves inserted, 10 MS. and one printed), written by John Anstis in single cols. of about 20 lines, each about 6½ x 4, margins folded, not ruled, with many corrections and alterations in the same hand, and many gaps and blank pages, no signatures or catchwords, foliation, modern, partial, faulty (in pencil). Cent. XVIII.
Binding: Original, millboards, covered, calf, blind-tooled (sides), gilt-tooled (edges), back repaired recently, rough edges, title (ink): LAUNCESTON. Cent. XVIII.
[For detailed collation see: John Young and P. Henderson Aitken, A Catalogue of the Manuscripts in the Library of The Hunterian Museum in The University of Glasgow. (Glasgow, 1908), p. 254.]
Access: Normal conditions
Language: Latin
Material Type: Document
Bibliography: John Young & P.H. Aitken, A catalogue of the manuscripts in the Library of the Hunterian Museum in the University of Glasgow (Glasgow, 1908), pp 254-256.
Accession Number: 2482
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Repository Code: GB 0247

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author: John Anstis 1669-1744
Garter King of Arms.
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