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Call Number: MS Euing R.d.25    Item: 2
Date of Creation: 1815
Level of Description: Item
Part of MS Euing R.d.25
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Content: Sir Henry Rowley Bishop. Milton's masque of Comus [28th April] 1815 [at Covent Garden], composed by H.R. Bishop. [Full score.]
1. Recvo and air - 1st Spirit. Before the starry threshold of Jove's court. [Not set by Arne.] f. 1.
2. Song. Fly swiftly ye minutes. [Original.] f. 6.
3. Duetto. Oh thou wert born to please me. [Original. No words.] f. 10.
4. [Melos in C minor.] Be wise and taste. [Original.]
5. Chorus. Away, away. [A re-arrangement of Arne. No words.] f. 13.
6. Air in G. Preach not me [sic. Original.] f. 15.
7. Invocation - First spirit. Sabrina, Goddess dear. [Original.] f. 18.
8. Symphony for the ascenscion [sic] of Sabrina. [Original.] f. 20.
9. Recvo and air. First spirit and chorus. Now my task is smoothly done. [Original.] f. 22.
10. Organo e coro. Mortals that would happy be. [Original.] f. 26. Segue Ballet.
[Formerly accessioned as 990]
Physical Description: Obl. fol., 27 ff
Access: Normal conditions
Language: English
Material Type: Music
Accession Number: 961
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Repository Code: GB 0247

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composer: Sir Henry Rowley Bishop
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