Series Details

Call Number: MS Gen 1756/8
Title: Books and bound publications
Date of Creation: Between 1841 and 1987
Level of Description: Series
Part of MS Gen 1756
See associated Series
Content: Mainly Proceedings and Transactions of the Society (almost complete).
Vols 1-77 (1841-1957) with index for Vols 1-20
Vol 76 part I missing
Vol 77 parts II and VIII missing
Proceedings (Abstracts):
Vols 1-14 (1964-1977)
Proceedings New Series:
Nos 1-3 (Nov 1984-March 1986) and 5-6 (Apr-Jul 1987) only.
Access: Normal conditions
Language: Not Assigned
Notes: See Rare books search for detailed list of the contents of the Proceedings and Transactions.
Repository Code: GB 0247
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