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Call Number: MS Hobsbaum C/1
Title: London Group Papers
Date of Creation: Between 1955 and 1973
Place of Creation: London, England
Level of Description: Series
Part of MS Hobsbaum C
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Extent: 11 boxes
Content: Papers relating to the London Group, a literary writing group that was founded by Philip Hobsbaum, and active from 1955 to 1969. The London Group had been inspired by a similar one that Hobsbaum had been involved in while studying at Cambridge. Hobsbaum's involvement in the Group naturally waned once he had moved from London, initially to Sheffield to undertake his PhD research and then to Belfast where he took up his post as Lecturer at Queen's University Belfast. However, he still occasionally attended the London Group meetings and continued to receive copies of the work circulated to him by Edward Lucie-Smith, with whom he went on to co-edit the publication 'A Group Anthology' (Oxford University Press, 1963).
The papers contain bundles of original and copied typescript poems that had been submitted, retyped, and then distributed to the group, prior to their weekly meeting. These were then read out by the author and critiqued by the group. Some material has been annotated by Hobsbaum and others.
The London Group papers also include the Poets' and Writers' Workshop files and booklets from 1969-1973. This workshop took over from the Group when Edward Lucie-Smith no longer wished to host the Group meetings.
Poets/writers whose work is contained within MS Hobsbaum C/1 include:
Fleur Adcock; Taner Baybars; Martin Bell; Oliver Bernard; Edwin Brock; Alan Brownjohn; George Buchanan; Reeve H Burrell; Julian Cooper; Kevin Crossley-Holland; Robert H Deighton; Patricia Doubell; Anne Dyke; Paul Edwards; Roger Ebbatson; Jan Farquharson; Pat Fetherstonhaugh; Peter Fison; Rodney Foster; Zulfikar Ghose; G H Godbert; Frederick Grubb; Daria Hambourg; Christopher Hampton; Keith Harrison; Stewart Harvey; Michael Hastings; William Hayward; H J Heckford; Hannah Hobsbaum; Philip Hobsbaum; John Horder; Bob Horner; Pierre-Sylvestre Houedard; Ted Hughes; Arthur Jacobs; B S Johnson; Rosemary Joseph; B C Leale; Owen Leeming; Yann Lovelock; Edward Lucie-Smith; George MacBeth; Alan Marshfield; Gerda Mayer; Adrian Mitchel; Colin Munro; Margaret Owen; Michael Pickering; Peter Porter; R G B; Peter Redgrove; Alan Riddell; Andrew Roberts; Colin Robinson; Mark Roskill; Vernon Scannell; David Selzer; Mostyn Silverton; Anthony Smith; Gillian Stone; Jean Symons; Nathanial Tarn; John Tatum; Anthony Thwaite; Shirley Toulson; Laura Ulewicz; Alan Underwood; Donald Ward; Richard Weber; David Wevill; Ivan White; Hubert Witheford; and Tony Yates.
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Notes: Hobsbaum's original box titles were as follows:
London Group Masterfile I (B-Lovelock)
London Group Masterfile II (Lucie-Smith to Yates)
London Group (Dodd's Chinese Lady)
London Group Poets' Workshop
London Group
London Group 'Spares' MSS
Location of Copies: Some of this material is in the University of Reading RUL: GB 006 MS 4457: The Group
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Repository Code: GB 0247
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