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Accession Number: 4842
Date of Receipt: July 2004
Source of Acquisition: Purchased from Sotheby's auction: Western Manuscripts and Miniatures, 22 June 2004, lot 65, via Quaritch. With support from FNL, NACF and NFA. Received 1 July 2004.
Title: Lectura super digesti infortiati
Date of Creation: Between 1399 and 1499
Extent on Arrival: 1 vol.
Content: Commentaria in primam partem infortiati. By Bartolus de Saxoferrato.
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Access: Normal conditions
Language: Not Assigned
Call Number: Hunterian Add. f91
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Repository Code: GB 0247

Names associated with this Accession:

agent: Bernard Quaritch Ltd
Booksellers, London
author: Bartolo of Sassoferrato 1315-1355
Italian jurist.
sponsor: Friends of the National Libraries
sponsor: National Fund for Acquisitions
Formerly: Local Museums Purchase Fund.
sponsor: National Art Collections Fund
vendor: Sotheby's
Auctioneers, London
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