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Accession Number: 4829
Date of Receipt: April 2003
Source of Acquisition: Donated by the James Paterson Museum, Moniaive, following its closure, 14 April 2003
Title: James Paterson Collection
Date of Creation: Between 1818 and 1981
Extent on Arrival: 10 boxes
Content: Archives of the James Paterson Museum, Moniaive.
Photographs, lecture notes and correspondence of the artist James Paterson and members of his family, formerly housed in the Museum. Includes copies and transcripts of original documents in a private collection.
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Access: Normal conditions
Language: Not Assigned
Call Number: MS Paterson
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Repository Code: GB 0247

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collector: James Paterson Museum 1995-2003
Established by Anne Paterson-Wallace at Meadowcroft, North Street, Moniaive, Thornhill, Dumfriesshire to house archives and memorabilia of the artist James Paterson (1854-1932). …
subject: James Paterson 1854-1932
Artist ('Glasgow Boy').
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