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Accession Number: 4786
Date of Receipt: January 1990
Source of Acquisition: Transferred from Glasgow University Archives, 19 January 1990
Date of Creation:
Extent on Arrival: 2 items
Content: Photogenic drawing and calotype salt print by H.F. Talbot.
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Access: Normal conditions
Language: Not Assigned
Call Number: Photo B36/1-2
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Notes: Formerly inserted loose in scrapbook in Hamilton of Rozelle Collection (Glasgow University Archives DC17/12).
Repository Code: GB 0247

Names associated with this Accession:

artist: William Henry Fox Talbot 1800-1877
Photographer. Pioneer of photographic processes. Lived at Lacock Abbey, Wiltshire.
donor: Glasgow University Archive Services 2000-
Previously known as Glasgow University Archives & Business Records Centre (1996-2000). The first University Archivist was appointed in 1955 and has since been responsible …
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