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Accession Number: 4692
Date of Receipt: July 1997
Source of Acquisition: Purchased from the estate of R.D. Laing, July 1997, with support from National Fund for Acquisitions and the Friends of Glasgow University Library.
Title: Papers of Ronald David Laing
Date of Creation: Between 1949 and 1989
Extent on Arrival: Received as 4 filing cabinets, cartons, box files, 16 reels of film/optical soundtrack and 2 cans containing 63 short reels, 14 videocassettes
Content: Papers of Ronald David Laing.
Includes medical correspondence and case notes, financial papers, diaries, appointment books, notebooks, press-cuttings, drafts of published works, unpublished writings and lectures, interviews, films and recordings, and draft biography of R.D. Laing by Adrian Laing.
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Access: Restricted - see notes for details.
Language: Not Assigned
Call Number: MS Laing
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Notes: Written application and appointment required for consultation. Confidential files, including diaries and patients' records, closed until various dates to 2089.
With printed books from Laing's personal library and copies of his own publications, shelved at Laing - see printed books catalogue.
Repository Code: GB 0247

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author: Ronald David Laing 1927-1989
Psychiatrist. Born in Govanhill, Glasgow, Scotland, 7 October 1927. Attended Cuthbertson Street primary school and Hutchesons' Boys' Grammar School. Elected a Licentiate …
sponsor: National Fund for Acquisitions
Formerly: Local Museums Purchase Fund.
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