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Accession Number: 4178
Date of Receipt: August 1967
Source of Acquisition: Donated by J.A.F. Thomson, History Department, Glasgow University, nephew of F.J. MacCunn
Date of Creation: Between 1914 and 1916
Extent on Arrival: c. 70 items.
Content: Letters of F.J. MacCunn. 1914-1915, and associated documents. Mainly letters to his parents during his military service with 6th Camerons in World War I.
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Access: Normal conditions
Language: Not Assigned
Call Number: MS Gen 532
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Repository Code: GB 0247

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author: Francis John MacCunn 1888-1915
Born in Liverpool. Son of John MacCunn and Florence Anne Sellar (d 1939). A cousin of the composer Hamish MacCunn. Studied at the University of Oxford. Assistant, …
donor: John Aidan Francis Thomson 1934-2004
Department of Medieval History, University of Glasgow
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