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Accession Number: 353
Date of Receipt: December 1921
Source of Acquisition: From the Library of John Ferguson, LL.D., Professor of Chemistry, University of Glasgow. Purchased, 1921
Title: Ferguson Collection
Date of Creation: Between 1363 and 1894
Extent on Arrival: c.500 items
Content: Manuscripts, mainly of alchemical interest, from the personal library of John Ferguson. With some of his personal papers, mainly drafts of articles, etc.
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Access: Normal conditions
Language: Not Assigned
Call Number: MS Ferguson
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Notes: With c.7,500 printed books - see printed books catalogue for details.
Ferguson's personal papers have not yet been catalogued.
Repository Code: GB 0247

Names associated with this Accession:

collector: John Ferguson 1838-1916
Chemist and bibliographer. Nicknamed 'Soda'. Studied at the University of Glasgow where he was later Regius Professor of Chemistry, 1874-1915. Author of a number …
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