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Accession Number: 2482
Date of Receipt: December 1807
Source of Acquisition: Bequeathed by William Hunter, 1783. Retained in London until 1807 for use of Matthew Baillie
Date of Creation: Between 798 and 1777
Extent on Arrival: c.650 vols
Content: Manuscripts from the personal library of William Hunter (1718-1783). Around two thirds are medieval or Renaissance in origin and over 100 of the remainder are oriental - largely Persian and Arabic with some important Sinological materials collected originally by T.S. Bayer.
Under the terms of Hunter's will, his library and other collections remained in London for several years after his death - for the use of his nephew, Dr Matthew Baillie (1761-1823) - and finally came to the University of Glasgow in 1807.
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Language: Not Assigned
Call Number: MS Hunter
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Notes: With c. 8000 printed books - see printed books catalogue for details.
Repository Code: GB 0247

Names associated with this Accession:

bequeather: William Hunter 1718-1783
Physician Extraordinary to Queen Charlotte, 1764-1783.
provenance: Matthew Baillie 1761-1823
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