Tommy Lorne

This collection includes photographs, presscuttings and programmes.

Born in the Cowcaddens area of Glasgow in 1890, Lorne began his career at the nearby Grand Theatre, with his then stage partner George West. A tall gaunt figure, he was a natural clown. He wore white make-up, too large boots, a too short jacket, a glengarry and a very short kilt. To this he added a high pitched voice.

After the Great War, Harry McKelvie tried him out at the Palace Theatre, Glasgow, and later put him into the famous Royal Princess's pantomime. Many claim that it was not what he said but the way he said it that made him the funniest man of his day. Two of his catch phrases have entered the local vocabularly. They are; "In the name of the wee man" and "Ah'll get ye, and if Ah don't get you the coos'll get ye!". Tommy Lorne died in 1935.

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