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Scottish Theatre Archive - Event Details

Title: Shinda the magic ape
Date of Event: Between 13 December 1991 and 4 January 1992
Event Type: play
Language: English
Event Number: 16409
Items associated with this Event:
contact print: Rookery nook STA Dw 9/7
contact print: Shinda the magic ape STA Dw 10/3
programme: Shinda the magic ape STA Oa 4/13
programme: Shinda the magic ape STA Fe 1/10
Names associated with this Event:
choreographer: Peter Elliott
company: Royal Lyceum Theatre Company , Edinburgh
composer: Steve Kettley
designer: Gregory Smith
director: Richard Baron
director: Hugh Hodgart
dramatist: Stuart Patterson
lighting designer: Stella Goldie
performer: Edward Brittain
performer: Joe Gallagher
performer: Christopher Gee
performer: Tania Grier
performer: Seamus Gubbins
performer: Victoria Hardcastle
performer: Ann Scott Jones
performer: Steve Kettley
performer: Michael Nardone
performer: Steve Owen
performer: Ron Shaw
performer: Karlyn Stephen
performer: Graham Swanson
performer: David Tennant b. 1971
performer: Mike Travis
performer: Stuart Wilkinson
sound designer: John Harper
venue: Royal Lyceum Theatre , Edinburgh