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Scottish Theatre Archive - Event Details

Title: The recruiting officer
Date of Event: Between 10 September 1993 and 25 September 1993
Event Type: play
Language: English
Event Number: 10923
Items associated with this Event:
contact print: The recruiting officer STA Dw 9/3
programme: The recruiting officer STA Fy 2/22
programme: The recruiting officer STA Fu 3/9
Names associated with this Event:
company: Royal Lyceum Theatre Company , Edinburgh
composer: James Bryce
designer: Russell Craig
director: Kenny Ireland 1936-2014
dramatist: George Farquhar 1677-1707
fight director: Denis Agnew
lighting designer: Andy Phillips
performer: Iain Andrew b.1965
performer: Bob Barrett
performer: Selina Boyack
performer: Rebecca Charles
performer: Phelim Drew
performer: Andy Gray b.1945
performer: Jules Melvin
performer: Rosaleen Pelan
performer: Toby Salaman
performer: Patrick Toomey
venue: Royal Lyceum Theatre , Edinburgh